Residents Information


HOA Board Meetings

Our board meetings for 2020 will be on March 21st, Sept 12th and Dec 5th. Each meeting is on a Saturday beginning at 10:00 and adjourning at 11:00. For the board to better service our community it's important we hear from you. Please join us in the Pavilion building next to the clubhouse to get up to date information regarding the neighborhood and the surrounding area.  

Not able to attend. You can review the meeting minutes located on the secure meeting minutes page. Contact your board members for access.

Meet the Board

To see the complete list of HOA positions and who is currently in the role visit the Contact/CCR page. Remember, these are volunteer positions and any support you can offer your association is greatly appreciated.  

Residents Only Page (Secure)

Minutes from all meetings as well as other miscellaneous information documents are available on our "Meeting Minutes" page, but access is restricted to residents only.  If you have forgotten your login information please contact one of the board member to get your username and password. 

What's Important?

Address numbers on your home and lamp post columns:
The address numbers we have on our home, or should have on our homes, can mean the difference between life and death and minor or major damage during emergencies. Put yourself in the shoes of the emergency crew. Can you clearly see the address?  If it were night, would a spotlight find the numbers easily? For the sake of your family and your home, make sure your home’s address is clearly visible from the street. 

Web Page Content

Please take a few minutes and use the link below to provide feedback about the HOA webpage. We are open to suggestions and look forward to your input.

Gate Upgrades

As the life cycle of our gate equipment comes to an end, all the original operators and controllers have now been replaced.  We were able to take advantage of special pricing and extended warranties, and now have consistent operation and programming.   To pay for the budget impact, the board has removed the gate repair budget for the foreseeable future.  The regular semi-annual preventive will continue.  Please check with your Gate Rep for information on the new gate equipment.  If you live behind a gate, keep in mind that all repairs beyond the planned maintenance are shared by all neighbors residing behind that gate.

Resident Reminders


Please Watch Your Speed

Please remember to obey the 25 mph speed limit throughout our neighborhood.  Our community is a great place to walk your dog or go for that afternoon walk or run. Please be aware, share the road and slow down. We have had the edge strips repainted as well as extending an eight inch stripe throughout the neighborhood.  We also installed a few "slow" signs as reminders. Please discuss this with family and friends that visit our community. 

 For more information on safe driving practices, please visit King County's website: 

2020 Homeowner's Dues

The annual homeowners association dues for calendar year 2020 will be billed in January and are due by March 1, 2020.  To take advantage of our payment plan option or if you have questions please contact the HOA Treasurer.

Dog Owners

Please clean up after your dog(s).  Waste bag stations are located past the golf course entrance, at the pond at the end of Husky Way and in Cecil Chen Park.  Please do not put the waste in the trash cans at the park, dispose of it in your home garbage. 

Yard Signs

Unless you are selling your home, please remember yard signs are not allowed. Please check out the CC&R's or contact a board member if you have any questions. 

Notice to Residents

Reminder, the golf course is not your private walking trail (even after hours). Unless you have a golf bag and a green fee receipt in your pocket you are considered trespassing. OKI Golf reminds us the course is private property, it's not safe and it's not legal for you to be walking the paths.