Gate Programming and Operation


Lockbox Codes and Programming

The lockbox code and programming access codes must be kept secure and are only given to the neighborhood gate representatives and the board representative.  Please contact your Cul-de-Sac representative if you need a gate programming change or a gate held open. 

Access via Keypad

  • Residents have 24X7 access. Contact your gate rep for access codes
  • Visitors, contractors and service providers are granted access from 9AM - 5PM.  Contact your gate rep for access codes
  • Need the gate opened for an extended period?  Contact your gate rep for assistance. 

Telephone Access

  • Open gate (Entry) - press 9
  • Open gate (Exit) - press 5
  • Deny access - Hang up or press *
  • Need more talk time - press #  (call box will automatically disconnect after 1 minute)

Do Not Attempt To Open Gate Manually

Please note that opening the gates manually will damage the equipment.  If you need to have the gates held open, please contact your cul-de-sac representatives below or the board rep.  If you can't reach those two, please contact the other cul-de-sac reps. Opening gates manually will void all mfg and service warranties and you will be responsible for all repair cost.

Gate Contacts

Gate FAQs



  • How do I update my name and/or phone number in the gate directory?
    • Contact your Cul-de-Sac representative or the DRE HOA board Gate representative, they can update the directory for you.

  • We have multiple cars, can we get more gate remotes?
    • Most vehicles with garage or gate access buttons can be programmed to open the gate. Gate remotes, like the gate itself, are the property of Washington National Estates and must stay with the new owner. Additional remotes from the gate maintenance company and can be purchased at a cost to the requestor ($25-$30), but will remain property of the community. Ask for the transmitter code for each remote & contact your rep for programming.  Generic remotes will not work.

  • What happens if my remote is lost or stolen?
    • If your remote is stolen, please contact the board rep and that code can be suspended. If the remote is found, it can be reinstated. Otherwise, a new remote must be purchased from the gate company.

  • The power went out, how do I open the gate?
    • All of the gates have a battery-backup and will open automatically in the event of a power-outage. If it does not, please call your Cul-de-Sac gate representative.

  • The gate is making an alarm sound, how do I reset it?
    • If the alarm is sounding, the gate was held in place. Please press the reset button at the very base of the green/black cover on the gate operator. Then call or email the Cul-de-Sac representative and the Board representative to let them know the conditions of the alarm.

  • The gate is just standing open, what now?
    • Call your Cul-de-Sac gate representative or board rep first. DO NOT reset the breaker box as that can create electrical spikes that will damage the controller circuitry. It was likely held open for a party or an open house, and can only be reset by your Cul-de-Sac representative or Board representative.

  • I have a party/garage sale/open house, how do I arrange to have the gate open for an extended period of time?
    • Both the entry and exit gates can be programed to stay opened by your rep. Please contact your Cul-de-Sac gate representative or Board member gate representative prior to your event.

  • The gate just isn’t working, now what?
    • Please contact your Cul-de-Sac gate representative or Board member gate representative. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE GATE MANUALLY. This will result in damage and you will be responsible for all repair costs.