Contact & CCR Information


Correspondence & Payments

Washington National Estates HOA
P.O. Box 9379 
Covington, WA. 98042 .

Board Members

President, Jerry Hopp          
VP, TBD                        
Treasurer, Jody Armstrong       
Secretary, Leslie Lukkes         
Member at large, Pam Davis   

Architectural Control Committee

ACC Chair, Monty Kilcup           
ACC Member, Kim Feighner
ACC Member, Mary Pat Minaglia  

Landscape Committee

Landscape Chair, Jerry Hopp   

Gate Representatives

If you have questions about the gates, please visit our gate FAQ page.

For other answers:
Board Gate Rep      Ron Dubois 
Nicklaus gate       Mark Clarkson
Player gate            Tai Yamada
Hogan gate          Jim Vahrenwald
Jones gate             Kimberly Aso
Sarazen gate          Leslie Lukkes 

Email & Contact List

New to the development? Have an email address or phone number to update?  Please contact the HOA Secretary so we can include you in our distributions and mailings.

This list is confidential and is used only for official notifications.

Website Maintenance and Access

For website issues, questions, content recommendations or if you need access to the HOA "secured" page.

Troubleshooting secure page access problems

 Steps to resolve access issues. (These steps DO NOT have to be done in any specific order)

  • Clear your browser browning data, i.e. cookies and cache
  • Try login in from a different device
  • Provide an alternate email address

How to clear the cache from your device:

  • Because there are so many devices in use go to Google and type “How to clear the cache on my….(ex, Ipad, Android, MacBook, etc)” 

If that doesn't resolve the issue try logging in from another device. Ex, if having trouble from work try from home on a different machine.

If you still have problems, provide a different email address to to be uploaded to GoDaddy.

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

The original CC&R's have been amended three times, so knowing what date you purchased your lot/home will help you determine which CC&R's are applicable to you. Homes or lots purchased after January 31, 2007 are subject to all three revisions.  

For legal purposes, please note the original development name is Diamond Ridge Estates. The name of Washington National Estates is a DBA (Doing Business As). 

If you have any questions regarding the CC&R's, please contact any one of our board members.