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Located in the Washington National Golf Course - Home of the Huskies!
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Welcome to the official Washington National Estates HOA website.
Welcome to the website of the Washington National Estates Homeowners Association.  We've changed our name from Diamond Ridge Estates to better reflect our identity and neighborhood!   We are a community of 99 familes located east of Auburn, Washington, in the Washington National Golf Course.  Our neighborhood is in an area well known for excellent schools, recreational opportunities, and friendly people.  We hope you'll enjoy using this site to find out what is happening in our neighborhood, and thanks for visiting us!  

Our new web address is: 

Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas for content.


    COMING SOON - Washington National Golf Course CLUBHOUSE!

Washington National Golf Course is finally getting a new club house.  OKI hopes to break ground in October 2016 with a completion date of April 2017.  The building will be 4,315 sq. ft. with the restaurant capacity for 70 people.  We have patiently waited for this day and look forward to watching the
Rendering Courtesy Clark Architects, PLLC

Oki Cards are on sale now at the clubhouse. 
All WNE homeowners are eligible for 50% discount on the regular OKI golf card.

Mailing Address
Our mailing address has changed.  Our new address is P.O. Box 9379  Covington, WA. 98042. 

Watch Your Speed Please
Please remember to obey the speed limit throughout our neighborhood.  Our community is a great place to walk your dog or go for that afternoon walk or run.  Please be aware, share the road and slow down.  We have had the edge strips  repainted as well as extending an eight inch stripe throughout the neighborhood.  We also installed a few "slow" signs as reminders.  Please discuss this with family and friends that visit our community.  For more information on safe driving practices, please visit King County's Website:

Capital Improvements
2016 will bring some improvements to the neighborhood.  We are obtaining bids to have additional street lighting installed the tennis courts pressure washed and sprayed for moss control and adding a covered area.  We are also looking into adding additional street lighting in the neighborhood. 

Mailboxes:  We now have eleven great additions to our community.  Thanks to the board for this capital improvement as we have a beautifully lit stone enclosure around our old mailboxes.  Many thanks to Argosy Construction for their  hard work. 
Got any other ideas on what you'd like to see improved?  Entry monument, perhaps?  Please let us know what you are thinking by emailing us here.

Board Meetings:
  Our next board meeting is Saturday December 10, 2016 from 10:00am to 11:30am.  Please join your volunteer board at the Pavilion building at the clubhouse.   

Check out our updated pages!
Local Services:  Need a good yard person?  Tired of those dirty windows?  Maybe a good Pizza?  Check out our "Local Services" page to find contractors recommended by your neighbors!

Got Web Content?
Care to share you experience withyour neighbors?  We're looking for web content- anything from gardening to exercise, from wine to cooking, local activities to anything that might interest your community.  Please send us your ideas or content by clicking here.  

Board:  Meet your board!  Please see our Year End newsletter or our Contact Us  page for more information.  Remember, these are unpaid, volunteer positions and any support you can offer your association is greatly appreciated.   See the calendar page for our next scheduled meeting.

Gate Upgrades:  As the life cycle of our gate equipment comes to an end, all the original operators and controllers have now been replaced.  We were able to take advantage of special pricing and extended warranties, and now have consistent operation and programming.   To pay for the budget impact, the board has removed the gate repair budget for the foreseeable future.  The regular semi-annual prevenative will continue.  Please check with your gate rep for information on the new gate equipment.  If you live behind a gate, keep in mind that all repairs beyond the planned maintenace are shared costs with your immediate neighbors behind that gate.

Secured Page for Residents only:  Minutes from our recent meetings are available on our "Meeting Minutes" page, but access is restricted to residents only.  Residents, if you have forgotten your log in info, please contact us to get your user name and password.

Speaking of Residents:  This reminder that the golf course is not your private walking trail (even after hours), unless you have a golf bag and a green fee receipt in your pocket.  OKI Golf reminds us it is not safe and not legal as you are trespassing on private property. 

Dog Owner Reminder:   Please pick up after your dogs.  Waste bag stations are located past the golf course entrance, at the pond at the end of Husky Way and in Cecil Chen Park.  Please do not put the waste in the trash cans at the park.  Please carry out and dispose in your home garbage.

Remember to check our Social Activities page for upcoming events in the neighborhood.

Address Numbers On Your Home And Lamp Post Columns Are Important In Emergencies (and Pizza delivery)
We see them every day and know they are there…but do we really look at them the way emergency personnel do?  The address numbers we have on our home, or should have on our homes, can mean the difference between life and death and minor or major damage during emergencies. Put yourself in the shoes of the emergency crew. Can you clearly see the address?   If it were night, would a spotlight find the numbers easily? For the sake of your family and your home, make sure your home’s address is clearly visible from the street.

2016 Homeowner's Dues:
The annual homeowners association dues for calendar year 2016 were billed in January.  If you have questions,  please click here .   Don't be late - remember that payment plans are available.

Yard Signs:
Unless you are selling your home, please remember yard signs are not allowed.  Please check out the CC&R's or contact us if you have any questions.

Golf Links:
Washington National Golf Club
Oki Golf 

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